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How you can use Stepstone's retarder paper?

What is it?
Retarder paper helps to create an exposed aggregate surface in precast concrete.

Who uses it?
Our typical user is a precast-concrete paver or stepping stone manufacturer.

Do we use it ourselves?
We use this paper at our own plant, Stepstone, Inc., daily, without problems.

We are confident that the paper we coat is coated consistently. To support that statement, our customers successfully make hundreds of thousands of pavers each year without problem.

How it works:
  • Typically the concrete mix lay on top of our paper and our retarder mix is evenly absorbed by what will become the paver's top surface.
  • We do not recommend using our paper in vertical form application.
  • We recommend working with 5/8" aggregate (approximately) that you want to expose, but it is possible to work with smaller size aggregates.
  • Depending upon the wetness of your mix, we find the depth of our etch to be approximately 3/16", assuming you strip and wash within 24 hours of casting.
  • We sell one depth of etch only.
  • We make all products to order.

Try it for free:
Try out free samples with your production process before buying any large quantity of paper. Test our paper.

See if it works for you.
If it does, we're confident that our prices and service exceed our competition's.

We are flexible enough to provide you with just the amount you require today without having to purchase and stock unnecessary amounts.

Click here to order a free sample.